Response to Redland City Plan

Response to Redland City Plan

“Coochie is a unique jewel in the crown of Quandamooka: Coochie; underpinned by its natural world, the biophysical expression of formative forces and biological evolution, collected in an integrated and dynamic confluence of the terrestrial and seaboard worlds, and, overlain by human occupation – Coochie today. Coochie’s future now comes under the lens of scrutiny and discussion / debate to determine how City Plan parameters might direct Coochie’s future management – its SUSTAINABLE management.”

Response to the Redland City Plan 2015

A Submission on the Draft Redland CityPlan 2015 – Coochiemudlo Island Coastcare Inc.

Attachment A: A Submission in response to the Draft Redland City Plan 2015 – Rae & Peter Wear.

Attachment B: The email trail regarding Council plans to correct the designation of Curlew Creek from Palustrine to Estuarine – Redland City Council / Vivienne Roberts-Thomson  (CICI).

Coochiemudlo Island “Uniquely Coochie”: A Think Piece – Ian Shapcott

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