Environmental Timeline

Environmental Timeline

February 2

Wetland Wallum Frog Assessment Final Report

Coochiemudlo Coastcare Group has raised concerns with Redland City Council over the ecological health of the Coochiemudlo wetland; a small but ecologically significant wetland on the east coast of Coochiemudlo Island, in southern Moreton Bay...Read More
December 21

Former Landfill Surface Water & Groundwater Monitoring Report

Executive Summary: An assessment completed at the former Coochiemudlo Island landfill to characterise the environmental risk posed by this facility by GHD in September 2018 (Coochiemudlo Island Former Landfill – Monitoring and Environmental Risk..Read More
June 29

Ground water testing in the Melaleuca Wetlands

19 March 2018 – Coochiemudlo Island Former Landfill Proposal for Environmental Assessment Program – GHD 21 October 2017 –  Review of Environmental Issues in the Catchment of the Coochiemudlo Island Melaleuca Wetlands – Dr Mark Pillsworth..Read More
September 1

Integrated Weed Management Plan

The Plan November 2017 – Draft Integrated Weed Management Plan – Coochiemudlo Island – Ecosure Coastcare Response 6 September 2017 – Coochie Draft IWMP – Submission – Coastcare 20 October 2017 – Coochie Draft IWMP V2 –..Read More
September 1

Response to Redland City Plan

“Coochie is a unique jewel in the crown of Quandamooka: Coochie; underpinned by its natural world, the biophysical expression of formative forces and biological evolution, collected in an integrated and dynamic confluence of the..Read More
August 31

Norfolk Beach Shoreline Erosion Study

August 2015 – Norfolk Beach Shoreline Erosion Study – BMT WBM Pty Ltd This document is a Shoreline Erosion Study for Coochiemudlo Island. The report outlines the legislative framework, coastal processes and recommended erosion management strategies.
August 31

Norfolk Beach Shoreline Erosion Management Plan Project Brief

August 2013 – Norfolk Beach Shoreline Erosion Management Plan Project Brief – Redland City Council A document compiled by the Redland City Council calling for contractors to compile a report providing details on the..Read More
February 1

Land Management Plan

Rob Friend and Associates Pty Ltd, with EPM Consulting and John Smout Social Planning, were commissioned by the Redland Shire Council in agreement with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines and representatives from..Read More
July 15

Sewerage on Coochie

Septic smells after rain events led to the commission of an independent, scientific report on the Island.  The report sparked further investigation from Council and State Government into the state of the Island from..Read More