Beyond the reeds

beyond-the-reeds_161028Beyond the reeds


Wetlands Management Profile – Overview Australian Government & Queensland Government

Wetlands Management Profile – Coastal and Sub-coastal Tree Swamps Australian Government & Queensland Government


Funghi databases and online resources – Australian Government Department of Environment & Energy


Mycena Chlorophamus growing in the Malaleuca Wetlands.  After the rain, “colonies of these beautiful mushrooms appear on rotting logs and other dark, damp places.  At night, they glow with an ethereal, surreal green-blue light, like fairy lanterns.  It is produced by a chemical reaction between two substances, luciferin and luciferase.”  Tilse, G., (1995), Characters, Covers  Cliffs, Amphion Press: Brisbane, p. 77.

Freshwater wetland plants in Moreton Bay Wetland Care Australia

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