24th Coochie Curlew Count

Our highest count to date!

Thank you to all our Curlew counters who took part in the count this year.

Fifty volunteers — including 16 island residents — counted a total of 233 birds (187 adults, 40 juveniles, 4 chicks and 2 eggs).

There were also 18 tagged birds recorded.

This has been our highest count since 2018 when 216 curlews were recorded, but remember,  we never claim that we count all the curlews on the island.

The Coochie Curlew Count is on the longest citizen science projects in the Redlands and this year it was lovely to have the assistance of the Victoria Point Girl Guides. They were very interested in the learning about the curlews. On the island, the girls had a complete nature lesson. They were a delight to have on the count and we hope they had a great time. Thank you Victoria Point Girl Guides!

statistics of curlew count over the years till 2021

Redlands Council 24th Coochie Curlew Count

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